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Out-of-State Adoptions Possible ~ In-Person Introductions REQUIRED

Please provide us with the following information so that we can better assist in finding the right dog for you and your family. Thank you!



     (Your email address is REQUIRED in order for us to respond to your questionnaire submission.)

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Are you interested in fostering or adoption?:     Fostering     Adoption      Unanswered
     (PLEASE NOTE: A foster is someone who is willing to take a rescued dog into their home and get that dog ready to be adopted [spaying or neutering, shots updating, microchipping, etc. and to provide socialization and ongoing training for a dog]. A foster should be willing to bring the dog out for introductions to prospective adopters once the dog is ready for adoption. A foster-to-adopt is someone who is interested in adopting a dog that is not as yet ready for adoption, but who is willing to take that dog into their home and bring them through the adoption process. WE DO NOT PLACE DOGS INTO FOSTER or FOSTER-TO-ADOPT HOMES IN OUT-OF-STATE LOCATIONS.)

Are you currently in the military/reserves?:     Yes     No      Unanswered

Are you (or your spouse) a military veteran or current service provider (police, fire, etc.)?:     Yes     No      Unanswered

If yes, please indicate branch and type of service (whether veteran or current).    

Do all adults work outside of the home during the week?:  Yes     No

How many hours will the dog be left alone during a typical work day?: 

What is the name and address of your current employer?: 


How many people live in your household?:

How many adults?:

How many teenagers?:

How many elementary school age?:

How many under 5?:

How many under 2?:

What is the age range of the adult(s) residing in your household? (check all that apply):    Under 20    20-29    30-39    40-49    50-59    60-69    70-74    75+

What is the relationship of the adult(s) that reside in your household? (check all that apply):    Spouse    Adult Children    Other Adult Relatives    Roommates    Friends   

Are there other dogs currently residing in your household?:     Yes     No     Unanswered

If yes, please give BREED, AGE and SEX)    
     (PLEASE NOTE: As you have read (or will read) in ADOPTION BEGINS HERE, it is our policy to place dogs of opposite sexes into the same family. In other words, if you have a male in residence, you should ideally be looking to adopt a female, and vice versa. We have found from experience that the chances of a successful placement with opposite sexes are much, much higher with dogs of the opposite sex than with dogs of the same sex. Of course, there are exceptions to every rule, particularly if your resident, same sex dog is not a shepherd.)

If yes, are the other dogs spayed/neutered?:     Yes     No      N/A

Please describe your family household (please check where appropriate and provide pertinent information (e.g., age) in the box to the right of each checkmark):


Small Dogs (please give breed, age and sex)    

Other pets in family (e.g., ferrets, snakes, guinea pigs, chickens, horses, etc. -- any animal(s) that a dog will
     have access to)    


Do you own or rent your home?:     Own     Rent     Unanswered

If you rent, do you have a letter from the owner of the property stating that you have their permission to have (not any--but specifically) a German Shepherd Dog on their property? (please refer to our policy page):    Yes     No     Not Applicable   Please Note: If you are a renter, we MUST see a rental permission letter OR a copy of your lease.)

What type of home do you have?:     One story     Two story     Condo      Apartment      Unanswered

Do you have a fenced yard? :     Yes     No      Unanswered

What type & height fencing do you have?  If none, please explain:

Please describe your yard (please check all that apply):

Grass          Gravel         Dirt           Artificial Turf     

Other (please explain)     

Do you have a doggie door?:    Yes    No     Unanswered

Do you have a pool?:     Yes     No      Unanswered

If yes, is it fenced off from the house/yard?:     Yes     No      Unanswered

If the pool is not fenced off from the house/yard, how do you plan to keep the dog safe/away from the pool?:

If yes, will the dog be allowed to swim?:     Yes     No      Unanswered


Will you consider a mixed breed?:     Yes     No     Possibly      Unanswered

Are you looking for a male or a female?:    Male     Female     Either

How do you plan to give your dog the appropriate exercise?:

What age dog are you looking for?:

EXACTLY where do you keep the dog when you are not home? (Please be specific, i.e., loose outside, outside in a kennel, indoors free, indoors in a crate, in the laundry room, etc.):

Will this dog be an indoor or an outside dog?:    Indoors     Outside

EXACTLY where will the dog sleep at night?:

Will you crate and/or crate train your new dog?:     Yes     No     Unanswered

Have you owned other dogs in the past?:    Yes     No     Unanswered

Have you owned/trained a German Shepherd in the past?:    Yes     No      Unanswered

Are you prepared to attend training classes with your adopted dog if that were a condition of his or her adoption?:     Yes     No     Unanswered

Will you walk your dog(s) often?:    Yes     No     Unanswered

Will your dog ever be taken off of his home property for training and socialization?:    Yes     No     Unanswered

Please state where the dog will be allowed to go with you:

Will the dog be treated as a member of your family?:    Yes     No, it's just a dog

Why do you want to adopt a white German Shepherd?:

Are you and your family prepared to deal with the training and special issues (i.e., lack of training, unknown history, possible fear of abandonment) which can typically come with adopting a rescue dog?:    Yes     No     If no, PLEASE DO NOT SUBMIT THIS FORM.

Are you willing to travel to north Phoenix to be introduced to dogs that are available for adoption and that we feel would be a good fit for you and your family?:    Yes    No      Unanswered

Which white German Shepherd on our site are you specifically interested in?:  (Please remember, this form is ONLY for the WHITE German Shepherds listed on our site. Introductions with other (colored) dogs cannot be arranged through submission of this form. If you are interested in meeting any of the colored shepherds on our site, please follow the directions on their bio pages. Thank you.)

Have you read over the bio(s) of the dog(s) you are interested in meeting/adopting?:    Yes     No     If no, PLEASE DO SO at: Our Available Dogs.

What is the name, address and phone number of your veterinarian?  (You will be asked to have a veterinarian before a dog is placed into your home.):

Have you read "ADOPTION BEGINS HERE" on our website?:    Yes     No   (If you have not, please do so before contacting us on a specific dog. We are unable to respond to your questionnaire if you have not read "Adoption Begins Here." Thank you.)

When you have finished filling out this form, please click "SUBMIT" ONLY ONCE to send your form to us. PLEASE DO NOT LEAVE ANY QUESTIONS UNANSWERED as we will only have to email you and ask, which delays the process. We will be in touch with you VIA EMAIL once we have reviewed your form. If you do not receive an email response from us within 48 hours, please make sure you have provided your email address and/or email Nancy at WhiteGSDRescue@aol.com. PLEASE DO NOT CALL SOUTHWEST GSD RESCUE AND ASK FOR INFORMATION ON WHITE GSDs AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION ~ THEY DO NOT HAVE THAT INFORMATION. WE WILL GET BACK TO YOU VIA EMAIL ~ WE PROMISE!!!!!