Yuki was a last minute addition to our rescue roster. He appeared at a shelter that we had just taken a dog from. We didn't want to leave him behind without checking him out, and what we found was a sweet, very confused young boy.

According to shelter personnel, "The white GSD is still available. He is not neutered; he seems to get along with other dogs if they're not aggressive. I did test him with a high energy smaller female; he was fine with her, just anxious, but not aggressive. He is favoring his front left paw, shows no physical signs of outward injury. he is an owner surrender. The owner stated on paperwork that he was about a year old and that the reason for surrender was that he couldn't afford to care for him." (Thanks, Kandi)

How sad for poor Yuki to be betrayed by his owner in that way, but we vowed to make it up to him. As of June 9th, Yuki will be safely at Crossroads in Rialto awaiting transport to Phoenix. Upon arrival in Phoenix, he will be neutered, updated on shots and microchipped as needed.

Yuki leaving shelter with Lorayne

Final leg with Cindi

Our thanks go out to: Shelter Rescue Coordinator Kandi, Transport Coordinator Rena, Transport Leg 1 Lorayne, Transport Leg 2 Rochelle and Transport Leg 3 Cindi. The transport team reports hes still got the limpy leg, and he is pretty sore from neuter. He was nervous when he got in the first car, but the ladies took good care of him. They said he was a sweet boy, very good in the car. They were so happy to help Yuki.

It's our guess that Yuki's limp is nothing more than "growing pains," which are typical in a large breed youngster, but you can be sure we will be having that checked out upon Yuki's arrival in Phoenix.

UPDATE 6/17: Marsha, Yuki, Richie and Mia were brought to Phoenix by two of our staff members. The very good news is that Yuki is no longer limping on his front foot -- pano (growing pains) is still suspected and he will be watched closely for any flareups.

Pickup at Crossroads
Arrival in Phoenix

Intro to Annie

Yuki is a classically handsome youngster who needs to put some weight on his lanky frame. He's sweet, but quite reserved upon initial introduction. Once he knows you, he never forgets you. He seems to do better with women (and children), and is quite standoffish around men. As a youngster, he will require training and ongoing socialization, but he's already had a great start. Yuki is now neutered, up-to-date on shots and microchipped. He'd love to meet you!!

UPDATE 7/12: Yuki checked in to Doggie District this afternoon for some summertime fun and games.


UPDATE 9/23: We did some introductions with Yuki this afternoon at Doggie District. He did well and warmed up quickly to a mother-daughter family, but had quite a bit of hesitancy warming up to a father and 3 sons. He did allow the father to touch him without hesitation, but the boys (who we're guessing are not used to how to act around a German shepherd) were another story -- Yuki retreated. We're going to be working on socializing Yuki more with men. He's doing well at Doggie District and interacts with lots of different workers (male and female alike), but it's just the initial meeting he's having some difficulties with.

We also thought it was time we updated Yuki's photos as he's certainly growing into a very handsome fella!

No problem with kids at all...

UPDATE 10/14: We attempted to place Yuki into a foster-to-adopt home this afternoon with Matt and Adasa.

Already up close and personal with Matt

Then an impromptu tumble into the pool ...

... followed by a family portrait
Matt is wasting no time in winning the man-shy Yuki over

UPDATE 10/16: Unfortunately, Matt's pitbull (the brownish one in the family photo, that was a rescue and severely abused before Matt got her) is not willing to allow Yuki to join the family. Yuki has been socialized with countless dogs of all sizes and ages while at Doggie District and has never had a problem with any of them, but this little girl is simply not going to allow Yuki to stay, and so he will be returned to our rescue and we will continue the search for his forever home. Matt reports that he was doing so well, otherwise, in adjusting to a new home and to him, and he is heartbroken to have to give him up.

UPDATE 11/4: Yuki had an introduction today with a potential adoptive family. He tolerated the "kid noise" rather well, and even took treats from dad, which was a huge step for Yuki!


UPDATE 11/11: We placed Yuki into a new foster home today. He will have several challenges to face (kids and dad), but we think everyone is up to the challenge. We will continue to monitor closely and hope for the success we know is possible for all concerned. Go, Yuki! We'll be looking forward to updates over the coming days.

Adoption fee $375.00.

If you are interested in Yuki, please fill out our PROSPECTIVE ADOPTER'S QUESTIONNAIRE. You will be contacted by return email. If you do not receive a response within 24 hours, please Email Nancy at WhiteGSDRescue@AOL.com. This questionnaire link is only for Yuki or other white German Shepherds on our site. WE WILL NOT CONTACT YOU until a questionnaire has been completed.

Please familiarize yourself with our adoption policies by reading ADOPTION BEGINS HERE. THANK YOU.