SARA IN A NUTSHELL: Happy girl. Gets along well with other dogs (even small ones). NOT OK with cats. Guesstimate on age is under 2 years of age. Needs a non-aggressive, gentle household.
We received an email from our friend, Michelle, at the shelter asking us if this dog was a shepherd or a husky. It was difficult to tell, so we asked for more pictures and a video. After reviewing everything, it was our best guess that there is probably some husky in there somewhere, but shepherd is the predominant breed.

According to Michelle, "She always wants to bounce around me and play when I get in her kennel. She's really sweet with us actually. She mainly keeps to herself in play group in the corner, but never reacts when the other dogs come hover over her or check on her." We were intrigued by her beautiful coloring (and Michelle assured us that she carried her tail like a shepherd), so we agreed to make room for just one more.

Michelle has never steered us wrong on a dog ... until we received an email stating that this dog was a BOY, and not a girl! We currently have too many boys, so we were going to have to pass when Michelle double checked and found that she was a girl after all, "Okay so I'm not crazy after all. I went to staff and we've all been calling her a girl and we just double checked and yes she's a girl so they're going to change it in the computer."

UPDATE 12/4: Thanks to Chuck and Jon, Sara is out of the shelter and resting comfortably at Husky Camp.

UPDATE 2/11 FROM HUSKY CAMP: "All three [Sara, Lionel and Polo] are happy dogs. Sara snuck in the house about a week ago, met the Dachshund and at least I think knew cats were there but didn't bother any of them. She got a check from a couple of our guys the first time she went out front and seems to have a much better attitude."

UPDATE 3/8: At long last, Sara will be making her way to Phoenix this coming Sunday, 3/13. She will be taking up temporary residence with one of our staff members and will be immediately available for introductions and adoption. She is spayed, up-to-date on shots and microchipped.

UPDATE 3/13: Thanks to volunteer transporter, Betty, Sara arrived in Phoenix this afternoon ... and ran right into the resident cats!

UPDATE 3/22: Sara checked in to Doggie District this afternoon for some fun time and to make some new friends.

Kelly and Tara make her feel welcome

UPDATE 4/18: We were invited to join forces with another organization that provides service dogs to veterans -- K9s for Warriors. We thought that Sara might fit the bill and so we took a chance and brought her over to meet evaluator/trainer Paige, who immediately fell in love with Sara and her quiet gentle nature. Sara was doing beautifully until Paige asked a co-worker to come into the evaluation room very aggressively. Sara stood her ground next to Paige and did a very low growl as the co-worker approached. There was no movement forward or aggression (teeth) shown, just a low grumble to show she was uneasy, but that's all it took and Sara was deemed unacceptable for their program. No one was more disappointed than Paige as she had already fallen in love with Sara.


Adoption fee $395.00.

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