RUFF IN A NUTSHELL: Social boy who has been kenneled with several other dogs without a problem. Loves people, too.
Ruff was found as a stray in the Desert Hot Springs area of California. Black collar, no ID, no microchip. The finder did his best to find his family, but eventually he had to admit defeat and surrender Ruff to the local shelter where we found him.

Finder's photo
Shelter intake photo

When we asked for additional information, our friend Michelle at the shelter sent us more pics and a video:

... we couldn't say no when we were told he was on "the list" for Wednesday.

Thanks to our friends from Husky Camp, who called in a favor, rather than being euthanized, Ruff will be picked up at the shelter on Wednesday. He will spend some time at HC until we have room for him here in Phoenix. We are looking forward to photos of this handsome boy's ride to freedom.

UPDATE 8/10: Thanks to volunteer transporters, Travis and Lisa, rather than being euthanized on his scheduled date, Ruff left the shelter via the front door!


Ruff has been safely handed off to Chuck and Jon and is on his way to Husky Camp

UPDATE 8/27: Thanks to volunteer drivers Mike and Diana, Ruff will be making his way to Arizona right after the Labor Day weekend. Please check back for photos of his travels.

UPDATE 9/6: Snuggled in next to the luggage from their Labor Day weekend vacation, Ruff is on his way to Phoenix with Mike and Diana. Mike reports that he is a quiet passenger.

Pit stop in Ehrenberg

Back on the road

Ruff has arrived!

Thanks, Mike & Diana!

Ruff is settled in comfortably at his temporary foster home with one of our staff members. He seems quiet and sweet and gets along well with puppy Paloma. He did have a surprise for us -- his tail curls up over his back!! We haven't seen that before at all in any of the photos or videos. We're guessing he saves it for when he's very happy! We'll try and get a picture.

UPDATE 9/10: Ruff checked in to Doggie District this afternoon and set about making new friends even before he left the lobby! He had no hesitation whatsoever in entering the lobby or accepting attention from any of the employees.


Adoption fee $395.00.

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