RAYNA IN A NUTSHELL: Rayna is a loving, sweet girl who can be very selective about her male counterparts -- she would do fine as an "only child" or with just the right (male) match. She takes a few seconds to warm up to you, unless you happen to have a treat in your hand -- then she's your instant best friend. Her greatest ambition in life is to be with her person. She longs to be someone's devoted companion...
Rayna popped up on our radar in mid-June (2018). She was only a year old and being held in a California kill shelter -- on hold until her owners came for her. When we asked for additional information in case her owner's didn't show, our facebook friend Kathy J was on it.

According to the shelter Rescue Coordinator: "I personally havenít assessed this dog for Rescue yet but per notesÖ 'as they were going to move this dog to available/adoption side, staff observed this dog guarding kennel and not allowing kennel mate to the inside of the kennel and started growling at kennel mate.' I also looked at medical and intake screen and this dog originally came in on a catch pole and vaccinations werenít able to be administered at time of intake. Again, says she was growling but also says Ö fearful. These are all factors and to me sounds like she is scared to death. This girl is 1 year of age and weighs around 60lbs. Iím going to check on her later to see how she interacts with me, can I give you an update when I do??"

An update from the shelter RC: "As I approached the kennel she started to alarm bark and growl but as I showed a treat it peaked her interest. I was able to get her out of the kennel and on a leash with no problem at all. As I let her off leash and as she started to run around the yard I could see she started to relax and her tail started to get higher. I made a little video and some pictures are attached. She was rolling around the grass on her back as happy as can be. Due to her previous notes, I will be seeking rescue for ASAP."


Rayna's Shelter Video A     Rayna's Shelter Video B

We have scheduled Rayna's pickup and transport to Crossroads for Wednesday, June 20th.

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UPDATE 6/20: Thanks to our ever faithful transporter, Tera, Rayna has been picked up at the shelter and is safe and sound at Crossroads where she will remain until transport to Arizona. According to Tera, "... no aggression at all, just needs to decompress."


UPDATE 6/30: Rayna has arrived in Phoenix...

Unloading in Quartzsite
The first thing we did upon arrival is kitty test Rayna ~ first Kevin (on the floor) then Hermione (in Katherine's lap) while Kevin looks on ~ she was not aggressive, but we didn't completely trust her

Rayna needs a good grooming and a trip to the vet to determine whether or not she is spayed. We will hopefully accomplish both in the coming week.

UPDATE 7/1: Rayna came out to Doggie District this afternoon to meet potential fosters -- prior adopters Kate and Lucien! During the introduction at Doggie District, we discovered that Rayna knows sit, down and shake!! We just wish we knew what her name was as we're sure she'd love to hear it.

Initial meeting with Kate and Lucien

Rayna found a stuffie and immediately claimed it as her own

I'll give it a try if you will

Rayna made herself right at home

Rayna loves her stuffies

Unfortunately Kate and Lucien's home was not a good fit for Rayna; we're not sure why, but she was never comfortable in their home with the other (2) dogs and cats. They've agreed to give it another try once she's spayed. She's been returned to our care and is resting comfortably at her temporary foster home in a crate between her traveling companions, Gypsy and Falcor.

UPDATE 7/9: Rayna saw our vet today for her intake exam. Other than a slight ear infection in one ear (which was treated) and some tooth tartar, she was pronounced healthy. Her age was guessed to be between 2 and 4.

73 pounds

Spay scar found

Vaccinations on board

UPDATE 7/13: We repeated Rayna's dog and kitty testing today at the home of one of our staff members, with the same excellent results. We also included a small dog test just for the fun of it.

First intro was with Zeus, the family's pitbull ~ Zeus was smitten; Rayna was aloof but OK with Zeus' advances

Rayna was puzzled as to which was the REAL small dog ...

... she finally narrowed it down to this one!

The cats were less than enthusiastic, but unafraid

There was no growling or any attempt to bully or harm any of the animals she was introduced to; we were very proud. Rayna was on a leash and training collar the entire time, but was encouraged to move forward and investigate and at no time did she have to be restrained or pulled away. We should note that none of the animals (cats or small dog) that Rayna was testing with offered to move or run away from her, so they were at no time moving targets for her to chase, which we're guessing she probably would have done.

UPDATE 7/14: We did some additional dog testing at Rayna's former foster home this afternoon. After some sniffing and re-introductions, Rayna seemed to warm up to Wicket (male white GSD); however, no amount of coaxing could get her to accept the playful advances of Yoda (a female mix). Yoda is sweet and loves other dogs, but Rayna completely misinterpreted her play invitation. Yoda can be very pushy, without meaning to be (she just wants to play, not dominate), and Rayna is simply too inexperienced to read Yoda's body language and react appropriately. We're guessing that Rayna has never been around a lot of other dogs judging from her reaction to their behaviors.

We started off with a walk in front of the house ...

... then moved into the backyard

Hello, handsome

Rayna MIGHT be OK with another dog in the family, but it has to be the right other dog. A large breed, easy-going male would be perfect for her. She and Falcor have quite the romance going on in their temporary foster home.

UPDATE 8/11: With Falcor moving on to his forever home, Rayna has been introduced to the other dogs at her temporary foster home -- Niles, Rosco and Brock -- and did fine with all of them.

UPDATE 9/23: Rayna continues to settle in and do well at her foster home. She has clearly been an inside dog, as that's exactly where she wants to be. She has made friends with almost all of the males at her temporary foster home, but she is not willing to share her space with another female, which is pretty typical of a German shepherd. We had previously thought that Rayna was not cut out to be an only child, but in the right household, she could definitely take on that role and do well.

UPDATE: Not much has changed for Rayna -- she's a pretty confident female who wants nothing more than a family of her own to love and protect. She would be perfect for a home with a doggie door, allowing her the freedom to come and go as she needed. She does not like to be kept outside, away from her people.

Rayna can be selective about the dogs she will share space with -- she's just a picky kinda gal. She has been introduced to a very large, quiet black & tan shepherd who did nothing at all except lie quietly in the room. At first Rayna ignored him, but he must have looked at her wrong, because she started growling at him and nothing we could do could convince her to make friends with the handsome stranger. We're wondering if it was the dark face (Rayna has only see white faced dogs in her current foster home). We'll keep trying until we find the perfect home for her.

We have also discovered, completely by accident, that Rayna loves to play with a ball. Retrieving is not her strong suit as yet, but we're working on it.

UPDATE 3/21: We took Rayna over to Doggie District this afternoon to see if she'd enjoy making some new friends and having playmates. We'll see if our "selective" girl is up for making friends.


Adoption fee $325.00.

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