Now that she's had her official intake evaluation; here's the 411 on Raegan:

Raegan is a passive gal with a soft temperament, very loving & affectionate, a real "cuddler". She doesn't know much in the way of basic obedience commands aside from 'sit' and even that is inconsistent. Given that she's still close to being a puppy and was found abandoned and roaming in the Tucson desert, survival was the priority, thus there wasn't much opportunity for learning.

She is a little tentative with new things..there is so much she has never experienced, however, she is eager to investigate and explore and her confidence increases every day. The more she is exposed to the world around her, the greater her comfort zone will grow. She will readily approach an unfamiliar human and watches strange dogs intently, showing no aggression but much interest and curiosity. We cannot wait to open up this sweetheart's universe.


Rae walked nicely on lead, simply followed her leader without pulling, yet would benefit from leash work. She is a calm gal, very gentle taking treats. She does manifest some behaviors typical of an untrained puppy such as jumping on her humans when she wants their attention; an easy fix. She was very thin when picked up at 59 pounds but has gained some weight. Raegan will also be seeing our vet for her comprehensive medical check-up including blood work, fecal, physical exams and weigh-in.


Raegan is spayed, crate trained, current with her vaccinations and micro chipped. She will require basic training and ongoing socialization to make up for all that she has missed out on. Her age is between 1 and 2 years, we've put her at 15 to 18 months.

Stay tuned as we continue to learn more about her.

UPDATE: Raegan had her medical work-up and was shown to have a mild case of Giardia (intestinal parasite), the result of foraging for water in all the wrong places while surviving life in the desert. She will be finished with her treatment on Saturday when she will begin her medication for Valley Fever for which she tested positive. She showed a titer of 1:8 and will be tested again after 3 months of treatment.

She was negative for Ehrlichiosis (tick fever), all organ function & thyroid, as well as all other blood values normal, including her white cell count. Her exam found her heart and lungs to be strong. She weighed in at 60lbs, an increase of only one pound since intake. Given what her little body has been fighting, it's no surprise. We're working on fattening her up a bit and closely monitoring her progress.

Her original showing was canceled, just to be safe, as she had a fever at the time, and has been rescheduled for the weekend after Thanksgiving. If all goes as expected, Raegan will be placed in her foster-to-adopt home on a trial basis. We will know after two weeks if she's a keeper.

Needless to say, Raegan's vet bills are mounting; any help with her ongoing care would be tremendously appreciated.

I'm feeling better already!

Her status will continue to be updated here.

Adoption fee $295.00.

OUR ADOPTION PROCESS BEGINS WITH A PHONE CHAT; there are no applications or forms to complete. Please call SW GSD Rescue at 602-866-2880 between 11am and 8pm Monday thru Saturday. In the event we miss your call, please leave a VM with the best time to return it. Thanks!