PHOEBE IN A NUTSHELL: Sweet, friendly youngster; definitely needs more socialization (and training) but not afraid to come to you for pets and attention. Gets along well with other (male) dogs and cats.
Phoebe and Raegan were brought to our attention by our good friend, adopter and supporter Sara, whose emails were entitled, "Don't hate me" and "Don't hate me part two." Once we looked at these beautiful faces, all was forgiven.

According to the shelter information on both of the girls, "Meet Reagan and Phoebe! If these two beauties could talk, they would really have a story to tell! These lovely friends had been lost in the desert together for weeks, and they were finally safely captured by one of our PACC volunteers (Julia). Phoebe (the white) is a bit nervous but is the more confident of the two; Raegan is unsure and relies on Phoebe for comfort and protection. Phoebe is friendly and outgoing while Raegan is somewhat shy and takes a little bit more time to warm up. Both girls are extremely sweet and they definitely like to stay close together.

When meeting other dogs in playgroup, both girls were nervous and kept to themselves. They were tolerant of the other dogs greeting them individually, but were mostly interested in sticking together. These girls are both overwhelmed in this big, loud place so, understandably, they get scared on a leash and need coaxing to walk. They do appreciate slow, gentle interactions with their people friends and appreciate kindness. They'll need to find a special home or homes where they'll be given time and patience to adjust, and where they can work on socialization and confidence. Please ask about these gals today!"

The girls are thin and need to gain some weight

UPDATE 9/30: Sara volunteered to go to the shelter to meet the girls. She was pleasantly surprised by two, sweet and friendly girls! Our thanks go out to Meghan at the shelter who assisted Sara in her efforts to meet and photograph the girls.


Phoebe & Raegan (with Meghan)


The girls will be picked up at the shelter on Saturday and brought to Phoenix as soon as we can arrange transport. While the girls are being listed together, our goal is to separate them and adopt them into individual homes. We have found through experience that dogs do better when asked to transition to a new home and family on their own so that they learn to rely on their new family, rather than on each other. The girls will be spayed, updated on shots and microchipped.

UPDATE 10/2: The girls arrived in Phoenix this afternoon courtesy of our Tucson volunteer, Sara, and one of our staff members.

The girls will be temporarily fostered together with a staff member and then each will begin their own journey to forever. Raegan's placement will be handled by Southwest GSD Rescue. You can view Raegan's bio by clicking here.

Wendy rolls out the welcome mat

Polly wants to meet the stranger
Hello, kitty ... kitty Kevin says NO!

The girls are doing well, and each has been paired with a new (male) partner for playtime. Phoebe is a rough-housing little girl and easily took all that Bear could dish out. Raegan was paired with the much gentler Noah and is doing very well with him. Phoebe is going to be losing her playmate this week, so we're going to have to figure out a new partner for her.


UPDATE 10/13: We moved Phoebe over to Doggie District this afternoon where she'll have her choice of play partners.


UPDATE 10/20: Our volunteer trainer, Jordan, went to Doggie District this afternoon to meet and work with Phoebe. From Jordan, "Phoebe did great at the park today!! She is definitely shy and needs some socialization to bring her confidence up. She was very nervous seeing other people at the park - but she clung to me and didn't pull on leash which is great! She knows how to 'sit' and that's about it. She is still so young, she will learn so quickly. She is such a sweetie pie!!"

UPDATE 10/23: Our volunteer trainer, Jordan, went to Doggie District this afternoon to work with Phoebe. From Jordan, " Things went well. ... I just love her. I will help her find a happy home though. Tim brought our two shepherds to socialize as well. I'll attach a cute photo of them all together. She did well with them; she wanted to be the dominant when she greeted them but only a tiny growl came from her and then she was over it, lol! My boys responded well to her. ..."

UPDATE 11/6: Our volunteer trainer, Jordan, went to Doggie District again this afternoon to work with Phoebe. From Jordan, "Had another great visit with Phoebe today to check in on her. I noticed she has gained some weight so YAY! It's taking her less and less time to get warmed up to going on little outings. She was really nervous at first but she quickly became excited.

We brought our two boys to socialize with her again today, and she just gets along great with them. She so badly wanted to play with Zeus, but we couldn't let her off leash at the park. She loves picking up on things my boys do and tries to copy them, such as playing with pine cones and carrying them around, haha! She still has some learning to do when it comes to training, but when there's a treat she will sit no problem. She always comes when I ask her to, which is awesome and very important!

She is the best little girl!! Everyone loves her! My boys even love her, and they are very, very picky about who they like. Can't wait to see what Phoebe's future holds!!"

UPDATE 11/26: Our volunteer trainer, Jordan, went to Doggie District to work with Phoebe. From Jordan, "I went and visited with Phoebe yesterday. To my surprise she was super, super timid when I came to pick her up; it seems she's gotten comfortable at DD! But once we got to the park she seemed to remember me and started acting normal after that. She seriously loves feeling a part of a 'pack' (I had my two boys again). She wants so badly to be off leash so she can chase and play! She seemed more perky and willing to play this time around. She didn't have the sluggishness anymore -- she didn't lay down unless I urged her to for 'down.' She was ready to play and loves to people/dog watch! She is still having trouble doing basic commands without treats -- I have to always have a treat for her to want to sit or down. But she's a smart cookie and she sure is spunky when she gets in that playful mood! She's so sweet!!!

Adoption fee $375.00.

If you are interested in Phoebe or Raegan, please fill out our PROSPECTIVE ADOPTER'S QUESTIONNAIRE. You will be contacted by return email. If you do not receive a response within 24 hours, please Email Nancy at WE WILL NOT CONTACT YOU until a questionnaire has been completed.

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