*PALOMA* IN A NUTSHELL: 6 month old, friendly purebred puppy.
Paloma is one of those "not so rare anymore" owner surrenders that come into our rescue all too often these days. According to her owners, who purchased her as a puppy, she "got too big" for them to handle. We're not sure what someone who purchases a German shepherd is expecting when it comes to size, but Paloma is a typical-sized girl. When we asked for "current" photos, this is what we were provided (obviously NOT a 6 month old puppy):

We're hoping that Paloma's owners do follow through and surrender her to our rescue rather than dumping her in a shelter ... or worse. We can only hope and pray that they do the right thing for her.

UPDATE 8/14: Paloma began her journey from northern California early this morning and is expected to arrive at Husky Camp this afternoon for a brief stay.


AFTERNOON UPDATE: Paloma is now safely in the hands of Chuck and Jon of Husky Camp!

Thank you, Nancy!


According to Chuck, "Very sweet. Had no problem meeting everyone. Was told she has no manners, but she does know sit, she's not walking on a leash yet, but she loves to hug."

UPDATE 8/20: In a surprising turn of events, we heard that Chuck and Jon were doing a transport to Blythe today and had room for an extra passenger! Our volunteer, Betty, had just gotten back from her very last long-haul trucking job and was more than willing to get on the road again (in a much smaller vehicle) and pick up Paloma. We should have pictures by early this evening.

Betty met Chuck and Jon in Blythe and took possession of her newest foster furkid!

Waiting for Betty in Blythe

Happy to meet Betty and Chalo

Betty leads with a toy

Loaded up with Chalo (at left) in Betty's truck, heading for Arizona

Betty immediately introduced Paloma to the smaller members of her pack. Her tail never stopped wagging.

Paloma meets Bella

Chase and Chalo watch the intro

Paloma and Chase get acquainted

Watching TV after dinner

According to Betty, "She needs some toys. I gave her one of Shiloh's chew sticks but she hasn't chewed it yet. She's definitely food motivated. Took her 2 tries up the stairs: 1st time I carried her, the 2nd time she made it up to the 3rd step and I helped her in, the 3rd time she did it all herself with positive encouragement. She is very energized. She jumps up and throws her paws around me almost like a bear hug. That will take a bit to stop. She is adorable. Don't know if she is housebroken. I think she peed inside but could have been because of excitement. Too soon to tell. She respects the little ones' warning low growls. Oddly enough, Bella didn't growl yet.

Our walk started off with her jumping up and down on me. She'd walk a couple feet and then turn around and jump up to me. This went on for a bit. When she finally realized I ignored her and was talking to Shiloh, she figured out to follow him and did a fine job keeping pace with him. Basically she follows his lead. All in all it wasn't a bad walk for her first time here. Shiloh seemed to know he had to be the model. We'll see what tomorrow brings.

This is only the first few hours. I'm pleased with her attitude so far. She did bark at my neighbor who is actually very dog friendly. It may have been too dark and she never met him before. As I'm typing this, she has been going in and out of her crate. We'll see how she does through the night. She is still looking for something to eat. Bottomless pit maybe. Stay tuned for more as we learn more about her."

Relaxing after her walk

Paloma has taken up temporary residence with Betty in Tonapah until we have room for her here in Phoenix. She is spayed, up-to-date on shots, microchipped and ready to steal your heart

UPDATE 8/21: Paloma, foster mom Betty and foster furbrother Chalo paid us a visit this afternoon.


She is a beautiful little girl in need of training and socialization. Her first inclination was to bark at us, but in no time at all she was climbing in our lap. Ongoing socialization and formal training will be a condition of her adoption; prior German shepherd experience a plus but not a must. She has so much potential.

FOSTER UPDATE 8/23: "So far she hasn't messed in her crate. Can't say the same for my floor, but accidents do happen. She is starting to go to the door when she wants out. Hooray for Paloma. It is much easier to get her in the crate now, although she still wants to quickly turn around and dart out. All in all, she is doing great. Paloma thinks she's a lap dog. She wants to snuggle with her human. It's rather hard for me to ignore her cuteness as she's trying to climb on my lap, but I still do the "off" and "sit" commands. I feel like a broken record sometimes, but she is catching on. She plays well with Chalo. He basically lays down while she jumps all around and on him. She is a lightweight. She did go nose to nose with a stray kitten outside. She didn't react to the kitty, didn't even attempt to chase it. I don't think she knew what it is. The little kitty didn't run from her.

Chalo had his DAPP/rabies today. I took Paloma with me to get a bit more socializing. She was a bit hesitant at first but seems to lean toward being more friendly to women than men, but she did warm up to Dr Satkus in the end. She did greet the women with a bear hug around their leg. Everyone loved her (and Chalo, too). All in all, more social."

FOSTER UPDATE 8/25: "Little Paloma is really getting quite comfortable. Quite the puppy. Very vocal (as in back talk) when teaching the 'off' and 'down' commands. It is rather comical but I do keep my poker face on. Not quite catching those since she tries to get into my lap. Apparently she wants to be a lap dog. She is needing more run and hard play time than I can give her here. Shiloh (Chalo) doesn't seem to be interested in playing with her much like he was. Not sure why. Maybe it's a dog thing I don't know about. Maybe he needs a break from her. Lol But, he'll lay in front of her crate when she is in and he out. She actually refuses to go outside if the back of my suv is open. Kind of odd I think. Guess she doesn't want to go anywhere. I have to take Shiloh with me and then it's ok. Housebreaking is getting easier. She'll sit at the door and she heads for the same area that I take her to. Keep in mind she is on a leash. She crates up easier and doesn't fuss. Sometimes she refuses but a finger on her collar helps direct her in. Quiet when lights out. Unless there's a significant change/improvement, I'll probably not update for a few days. Still needs training and an appropriate training class will certainly do everyone justice. She'll make a great companion for someone or family and also great protector. Hopefully, she'll have a family or a human of her own soon before she gets tooooo comfortable here."

Maverick (at left) and Paloma are wondering ... isn't it dinnertime?

UPDATE 9/15: Paloma has been moved to a new temporary foster home with one of our staff members where she will have her choice of playmates (Maverick, Bronson and Pauly). Her current favorite is Bronson and the two play (and, thankfully, wear each other out) for hours. The forever home for this girl needs to be one with activity! This girl is not content to sit for hours, waiting for her family to come home from work to play with her. She needs to burn off her energy before she will be content to lay quietly by the fire. Prior GSD experience is definitely a plus for this beautiful and energetic youngster.

UPDATE 9/24: We took Paloma over to Doggie District today for some playtime and to meet some new friends. She had no trouble at all walking into the facility and greeting the employees in the lobby.


Adoption fee $425.00.

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