SNOWMAN ("Snow")

*IZZY* IN A NUTSHELL: 18 month old, very low-key girl that gets along with everyone and everything (Also, see shelter notes below).
*SNOW* IN A NUTSHELL: Very engaging 2-3 year old male that loves people and other (female) dogs (Also see shelter notes below).
We first began hearing about these two via emails that started coming in on January 22nd. With no room currently at the inn, we really couldn't offer any help. Over the next couple of days, we did an adoption AND a new foster joined our team, so by the time Snowman and SnowWhite hit the "E" list (which was only 3 days later), we were able to offer them a spot...but could we get there in time. They were due to be euthanized the very next morning.

We didn't have time to ask for much in the way of temperament evaluations, but the shelter was way ahead of us -- what a nice surprise!

SHELTER NOTES ON SNOWMAN: He was standing in the middle of the kennel with concerned eyes, a low tail and alert ears. The runner knelt down and began to verbally coax him. He slowly approached the gate with a low body ears back and low tail wag. The runner opened the gate and easily placed the leash on him. Once leashed, he willingly exited the kennel and walked ahead of the with a moderate pull on the leash. When he arrived to the catch pen, he confidently approached the fence and exchanged quick greeting with multiple dogs. He had soft eyes, a wiggly body and a fast tail wag. He approached the fence and stood on his hind legs and began to excitedly bark at the dogs through the fence. The runner called him over and easily placed the collar on him without issue. When he entered the yard, he confidently approached the group and began to exchange soft greeting with them. He had soft eyes, a relaxed body and a neutral tail. He approached a female husky and began to play bow at her feet. She accepted the invitation and the pair engaged in a game of chase. As he played, he was approached by a female pit bull. She began to play place her paws on his side; he tolerated without offering any corrections. He approached both handlers checking in with them and soliciting affection. One of the handlers leaned down and began to gently pet the back of his head. He continued to lean into him wanting further affection. He had soft eyes, a relaxed body and an open mouth pant. He remained social and tolerant for the duration of her yard time. He displayed a gentle/dainty play style while in the play yard. BEHAVIORALLY OK FOR PUBLIC ADOPTION, MIDDLE SCHOOL AGED (REC), LARGE DOGS OK

SHELTER NOTES ON SNOWWHITE: She was at the rear of the kennel when the runner arrived to the kennel. She had concerned eyes, a tense body and a slightly tucked tail. The runner opened the gate and began to verbally coax her, she timidly walked towards the front of the kennel with a low body, ears back and concerned eyes. The runner slowly stepped into the kennel and slowly placed the leash over her head. Once leashed, she walked out of the kennel willingly and made her way to the catch pen with no pull on the leash. When she arrived to the pen, she slowly approached the fence and began to bare teeth at a male shepherd to attempted to greet her. She had ears back, raised hackles and a low tail. She stood up and began to stomp her from legs. The runner knelt down and called her over, she playfully approached and allowed the runner to easily place the collar on her without issue. When she entered the yard, she was quickly approached by multiple dogs. She tolerated the fast approaches but was tense with them lingering around her. She had concerned eyes, raised hackles and alert ears. She walked away from the group and was being trailed by a male shepherd and a female pit bull. She was uncomfortable with the trailing, that she quickly spun around and gave them a light growl warning. She walked away from the pair and began to explore the yard. As she became further acclimated to the yard, she was approached by a male shepherd. She tolerated him sniffing her body as she simultaneously sniffed him back. She had soft eyes and low tail. The male shepherd began to playfully muzzle punch her enticing play. She looked at him with an unsure look and walked away. She continued to explore the yard and approach calmer dogs. She remained social and tolerant for the duration of her yard time. She required time to acclimate to her surrounding in the yard. No play style was observed at this time. BEHAVIORALLY OK FOR PUBLIC ADOPTION, MIDDLE SCHOOL AGED (REC), CALM DOGS (REC)

Our facebook angel, Kathy J, sprang into action, and by closing time on the 25th, ...

...the pair were safely in the transporter, Alyssa's vehicle and headed away from the shelter.


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and follow the directions carefully. Thank you!

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To all of Snowman & SnowWhite's faithful & generous supporters, we are eternally grateful...

UPDATE 1/28: The "Snow-pair" have made their way to Phoenix! Our thanks go out to Alyssa, who picked them up at the shelter; Lorraine and hubby, for keeping them safe; and to Chuck and Jon for transporting them to Quartzsite where we could pick them up. In a strange turn of events, we found out that Snowman's real name is "Snow," and SnowWhite's real name is "Izzy." What a wonderful sound to hear your own name after what they've been through...

Izzy discoveres the crack in the crate and decides to use it to her benefit to get a better view!
Out of the crate and much happier


UPDATE 2/8: Izzy and Snow may have come in as a "bonded pair," but they have wasted no time in making new friends and they are no longer joined at the hip! Izzy saw our groomer for a bath and brush today and she looks beautiful! Don't you agree?


We also did a quick kitty AND small dog test this afternoon, and Izzy passed with flying colors.

Both cats came out to meet her ~ and Polly wasn't bothered at all

No "man issues" here!

Snow enjoys a new toy!

After all the rain, Snow and Izzy enjoy some fun time outside

UPDATE 3/10: Our thanks go out to foster mom Betty and to her furbaby, Shiloh (formerly Chalo, adopted in 2022), for taking on Izzy as a foster.

Shiloh was very pushy on the intro, but Izzy wasn't phased and stepped up to meet the handsome stranger

FOSTER UPDATE 3/10: "Rode well in the truck. Did her business before coming inside. Then there were the stairs. I had Chase and Shiloh running up and down the stairs -- usually the foster follows. Nope, not Izzy. So I resorted to lifting her half way up so her front paws were inside; she did figure the rest. Let her wander a few minutes, then crated. And then there's the crate. It took a couple minutes of coaxing but she did get in with the lead.

Now it's past dinner time. The 3 can't wait to eat; Izzy is following me. Well, she flipped her bowl, so I put the food back in and she wasn't sure. So I tempted her with a very tiny piece of pate' and a tiny bit of hot water swished around then she decided to nibble. She dumped the rest out. Which is ok if she doesn't eat it all. I'm sure Shiloh will like extra.

We'll all go out in pairs in a few to take care of business again. And those stairs again. We'll see how she does. It's all still too new for her so she'll get better and figure things out. It's only been an hour. Good progress I'd say. She really is a sweetie with a calm demeanor. She'll do just fine. We'll start socializing tomorrow.

1st time down the stairs no issues! 2nd time upstairs: she's got it down pat. Awesome! When she wants attention, if I'm turned away from her, she bumps me in the behind. If she wants attention looking straight at you, she paws me on the leg with her paw. Very cute! I think if she had her way, she'd follow me anywhere. She is very sweet!!!!!"

FOSTER UPDATE 3/13: "She not only sits pretty but spins around, jumps around and chases her tail. ... She's been doing them since she's been here Friday but this is the first partial photo I've been able to take.

She's pretty calm, very curious but very cautious. Took her across the street to intro her to a pug puppy but she was quite afraid and tried jumping away. She was cautious with people she meets, almost uninterested in them. I'm sure she is still acclimating to a different environment.

She's taking everything slow which is ok. She's slowly learning if she wants to eat, she needs to run in the crate. She does sit up a lot just not sure why yet. She'll sometimes rest her paws on my hands why she's sitting pretty. Her walks are very cautious. She follows me mostly at a heel position. Always watching me for the next move. She gets a bit skittish on her walks, pretty much everything is new to her. She has lots of things to learn and experience. It will all take time and I'm not rushing her."

FOSTER UPDATE 3/17: "Izzy is finally acclimating to her surroundings. She engages in play with Shiloh and vice versa. Although it isn't with huge gusto it is a start in the right direction. I gave her a new stuffy upon arrival but it wasn't until yesterday evening that she brought it out of her crate to play with and share with Shiloh. She also takes it back to her crate. She is still good on her walks, adores my neighbors and the rest of the world is still hers to explore.

She is more comfortable with going in and out of her crate at will and will happily enter on 'crate up' command. Her potty sign is to stand by the door. She takes treats gently and really likes the chicken meal biscuits from Costco. She now dives into her food and no longer flips bowl. Eager to please and always looking for direction. While still approaching new things slowly and with caution she doesn't seem afraid. She shies away from over excited pups, calmer ones are best. Cats are not an issue so far. There are 2 feral cats that made friends with my dogs but not me, that are trying to make friends with her.

She does know 'sit,' comes when called, 'no' and has learned 'leave it.' She is alert and not a barker but will alert bark once with a light growl when she is inside if she hears or sees a stranger nearby or close to my truck. That is exactly what she should do. Bravo Izzy!

She needs her adopter to be patient and continue socializing with new adventures (experiences) is a must. Next experience in a few days, will be a ride in a vehicle without Shiloh. Check back next week Thursday or Friday for her results. She is welcomed to stay here any time.

She's been carrying her Dino around and giving it to me today

UPDATE 3/23: Snow has been enlisted to make the "new kid on the block" (Stormy) feel more at home."

Snow (at left) is determined to make friends

IZZY FOSTER UPDATE 3/24: "Izzy did a great job laying in the back of my SUV (backseat down) with no crate -- no attempt to join me upfront while driving. While inside the Tractor Supply, although her tail was tucked, she walked along side me or followed behind perfectly. She was a bit hesitant but did approach an employee who asked to pet her. Izzy, though hesitant, did what was asked of her perfectly. B++. Once her tail wags with new experiences I'd say she'll earn her A++ status. Keep in mind she is still experiencing the normal things that most dogs have experienced many times."

IZZY FOSTER UPDATE 4/6: "Izzy is doing well and she is happy with wagging tail inside and outside. Her lack of 'puppy' behavior when she arrived is now blooming. She will chew and play tuggy with bedding and chew to destroy her stuffies. That's all that I've seen. Needless to say she doesn't have a bed in her crate. She is still the velcro girl and loves to be with her human. She is housebroken and her routine is established. She is doing great."


SNOW UPDATE 5/26: We kitty tested Snowman today, and he passed! We think he would do well with a dog-saavy cat (one that knows better than to run in front of a German shepherd). Snow was initally very interested in the cat, but as soon as he was allowed to sniff her, he lost interest.


Adoption fees: Snowman $395.00.

If you are interested in either SnowWhite or Snowman, please fill out our PROSPECTIVE ADOPTER'S QUESTIONNAIRE. You will be contacted by return email. If you do not receive a response within 24 hours, please Email Nancy at This questionnaire link is only for SnowWhite or Snowman or other white German Shepherds on our site. WE WILL NOT CONTACT YOU until a questionnaire has been completed.

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