Our heartfelt thanks to everyone who pledged and donated in Niki's memory. Although we couldn't save her, we were able to save both Blitz and Noah in her honor. Thank you for making that possible.
Above is what we were sent on Nikita by our Facebook angel, Kathy J. She knew we were more than full and weren't taking in any new dogs, but because Niki had been an owner surrender and appeared injured on intake, she was headed for the e-list almost immediately.

Niki waits and hopes

At about 4:30 on Nikita's deadline date, we were notified by the shelter that a rescue had committed to taking Nikita; however, in a very short time, we were told that they (the shelter) had made a mistake and it was the CAT, not Nikita, that had a rescue commitment! It seems the shelter had sent out a plea for a cat and Nikita in the same email and the cat had a commitment.

Kathy called in a favor, and Pat was at the shelter to meet Niki and take pics and videos:

Post from Pat

The kennel assistant at the shelter said Niki was tilting her head when she first came in, but seems normal and fine now; Niki acted perfectly normal when he brought her out.

We are eternally grateful to Pat from No Stray Left Behind who took time out of her day to go to the shelter and meet little Niki and take photos and videos. Pat has worked with our rescue before, springing Winter and Breeze for us back in 2018.

Nikita will be pulled from the shelter tomorrow (Friday, 8/13) ~ it turns out that Friday the 13th may just be this little girl's lucky day. She will be housed temporarily at Husky Camp and be seen by a vet as soon as possible. This girl's future is definitely much brighter.

UPDATE 8/13:

Need we say more? Picture says it all!

Niki was pulled from the shelter this morning! Our thanks to everyone who posted, pledged, prayed or helped in any way to bring this girl to our attention and save her life. She will no longer have to worry about the family that promised to love her and then dumped her when she was injured -- at their hands? We can only guess.

Pat sends Niki off with a hug

... and Monica is there at the shelter to pick her up

The first order of business -- A BATH!!


Chillin' at Monica's in Long Beach waiting for pickup

Our thanks go out to Chuck and Jon from Husky Camp who drove all the way to Long Beach after work this evening to pick up little Niki and take her home with them.

She already knows "sit"

Monica bids farewell to Nikita as she hits the road from Long Beach

UPDATE 8/14: We received a call early this morning ... after having a wonderful day yesterday that included the freedom walk from the shelter, a bath and LOTS of hugs and kisses, Niki began having violent seizures, one after the other. She was taken immediately to the vet (which was the plan for today before this happened), where she was sedated and examined. The vet's diagnosis? Seizures as a result of distemper, which Niki would have for the rest of her life. It was hoped that she could have survived on life-long medication; however, no matter how heavy the sedation, Niki was still seizing and no amount could make her tiny body relax. The heartbreaking decision was made to deepen the sedation and let her go peacefully.

We are sick beyond words and take comfort only in the fact that she did not die in a shelter alone. Niki paid the price for her owner's neglect in not getting the proper vaccinations for her.

Any and all donations made for Niki will be refunded upon request. Please Email WGSDR at WhiteGSDRescue@AOL.com.