Mason was spotted by our facebook friend, Kathy J, in a Dallas shelter -- that lady certainly gets around! Having every confidence that Kathy could pull it off, we contacted the shelter and informed them that we were working on a plan to get Mason to Arizona. Luckily, this happened to be a very rescue friendly shelter and they were more than happy to put the required notes into Mason's file to keep him safe.

We reached out to our usual transport coordinator, Katrina, who just happened to be on a vacation to Washington. She did pass along the names of two other coordinators and wished us the best. Our first contact with Kathy S told us that she was having surgery and unable to assist. However, our second contact with Joan gave us some hope. We were then notified that Mason had a URI and needed out, NOW!


Kathy J reached out to a rescue with contacts in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area, and before we knew it, we had a puller AND a plan for Mason! We gave the OK for Mason to go straight from the shelter to a local vet for a checkup. If he did, indeed, have a URI, he would be boarded at the vet's office until well. If not, he would go into boarding to await transport. The official rescue "tag" was sent in for Mason, and we waited to see if it would be approved.

In the meantime, Joan was working on transport. It seems she had a transport already in the works from Dallas to Albuquerque for another rescue, and Mason was welcome to join as long as he was healthy. We're not sure why, but the notice from the shelter that the "tag" had been accepted was taking forever (or at least it seemed like that to us).

UPDATE 10/10: We finally got the word that Mason was being picked up, "in 20 minutes!" We were overjoyed. And when we got the pictures, well judge for yourself:


Mason not only had a puller, but a foster home to go to! Our thanks go out to Bill D in Dallas, who not only picked up Mason at the shelter, but took him to the vet and then took him home!


UPDATE 10/13: The run sheet for Mason's transport was posted today, and we had our fingers crossed.

UPDATE 10/14: The basset hound that was scheduled to go on the same transport as Mason, at least as far as Albuquerque, pulled out of the transport when her fosters went out of town and the rescue did not have access to the dog. Mason's foster, Bill, had a commitment for Sunday and was unable to drive the first leg! (Bill had assumed that the transport was going on Saturday, as they usually do.) The transport was postponed until next week.

FOSTER UPDATE 10/17: Mason's foster gave us a call with an update this morning. "Someone is going to get a wonderful dog. I can't imagine a family situation that he could not fit into." According to Bill, Mason is OK with small dogs (Bill has dachshunds), and also does well with his 2 year old grandson. Mason is living with another male shepherd (another foster dog shown in the foster video above) and does well with him. Bill said he's seen nothing negative in Mason but believes him to be much younger than the 5 years the shelter placed him at, maybe 3 years old. Bill said he needs to be taught not to jump on you and/or climb into your lap, but we're betting Mason's future family would be happy to have a lap dog like Mason. We are so grateful to Bill for giving Mason a safe haven until transport can be arranged to us.

Mason's transport route has been posted for this weekend. All he needs to do is get to Albuquerque, and he has a ride into Phoenix!! Let's hope our coordinator, Joan, can get him to New Mexico!

UPDATE 10/19: Only one more leg (Amarillo, TX to Tucumcari, NM) to fill for Mason's transport this weekend. Paws crossed that this boy will be joining us soon.

UPDATE 10/20: Mason's transport has been confirmed for this weekend!!

Mason's Transport Route
(Sorry, no pictures)

UPDATE 10/22: Thanks to all, Mason has arrived safely in Phoenix. Sorry, no photos from the transport at all, except for arrival.

Fran delivers Mason safe and sound in Phoenix

Pretty boy
Mason loves the camera ... and the feeling is mutual ~ what a hunk!

The first item on Mason's agenda is a trip to the groomer, then a visit to our vet for a checkup. He should be ready for intros by this weekend.

UPDATE 10/24: Mason saw the groomer today for a much needed bath and brush. Preliminary kitty testing results -- PASS!


A little closer

Hello, kitty

Wanna be friends?

Mason was more curious about the cat than Cody was, but once he determined that the cat meant him no harm and wasn't going to run, he was happy and simply walked away.

UPDATE 10/31: The more time we spend with Mason, the more in love we are with him. We have also discovered that he is just a youngster! There is no tartar at all on his teeth anywhere, and his canines are sharp and sparkling clean. He needs some training, that's for sure, but he's sweet and easy-going and will be a welcomed addition to one deserving family.

UPDATE 11/1: Prior adopter Angelina and new hubby Mike were looking for a good match for Bella (adopted from us in March of 2011), and we thought that one good "fuzzy" (long coat) deserved another!

First a walk in the park to get acquainted

Mason jumps for joy at the news he's getting a new sister!

Things are looking good so far

A happy family

The ride home was uneventful

FOSTER UPDATE 11/2: "Hi! We all survived! Hes doing well. Weve had no aggression just the typical whining from Bella on fighting for attention but they settle. He hasnt seen stairs and we have both upstairs and downstairs. Hes a fast learner, he watched Bella and figured out the upstairs quickly. Down stairs took him a little longer, it took Bella awhile too. Hes smart and really responds to commands.

He whined and was really banging around in his kennel last night so I let him sleep downstairs with us and he was fine. I am hoping he will do better in his kennel tonight. Hes definitely a puppy. He grabbed Mike's sneaker to snack on but I told him no and gave him his lizard toy we bought. Im ordering some more toys today and probably a busy ball. He hates when I grab him by the collar; he went after Bellas food and then tried to run out the front door. He cries and really goes down so we will have to work on that.


Next up is wag and wash for another scrub down and just getting him more used to the surroundings."

FOSTER UPDATE 11/3: "Heres pictures of the girls meeting him. Hes settled in SO much, hes so calm. Hes also enjoying his new bed and new ghost toy.


I was slightly worried today as he was not eating. He literally ate yesterday like he was never going to have food again. Not tonight; he had some food in his bowl and Bella had food in her bowl and before we noticed it they were eating out of each other's bowls and then some how switched and finished their own bowls. Hey, Im good as long as they are eating. Currently the girls are watching a show and Bella and Mason are relaxing on their beds."

Adoption fee $425.00.

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