Luna and her Aussie mix companion were surrendered to a local kill shelter after they killed a neighbor's peacock. We were not given any details as to whether the bird wandered into their yard or the dogs went onto the neighbor's property.

We were told that both dogs were friendly, and that it was the Aussie's "third time with us this year" (details were not provided). We did find a note on the email thread as follows: "This stunning dog is only 28 lbs and is sadly Euth listed at LA County/BP because he got into the yard of a neighbor and allegedly killed their peacock, along with his friend, a 66 lb white female German Shepherd. If you have ever been near a Peacock, they can get pretty aggressive themselves, so this dog was probably just acting on instinct and possibly in defense, or just with the larger dog. Sadly, though, the shelter had to make Destroyer (yes, that is his real name) Rescue only with a waiver (along with his friend Luna whose listing is at the bottom if you scroll down), despite the shelter saying both dogs are people friendly. We believe both are also dog friendly, as they came in together and came from the same home. A temp test can be requested to test with other dogs if need be, but shelter is currently saying only after a CTA has been requested. Eileen at the shelter emailed us that he and his friend could be euthanized at any time since the owner signed over his release due to a pending investigation against the owner, as his dogs were licensed. We were given an extended deadline of Sunday, December 17th to have a rescue! If there is anyone who could foster or rescue this dog or his friend, or could visit this dog in person to help us get more info and video, please contact me ... I can also raise funds for a rescue. I have listed the shelter email contacts below as well, as this dog and his friend are very urgent, and in need of immediate rescue."

Our friends at Chow Rescue (the Aussie mix had been incorrectly identified as a chow mix) offered to help with pull and transport for Luna.

Our thanks go out to Jany, who went to the shelter to meet Destroyer and Luna, "I went to see Luna (white shep) and Destroyer today. I have attached photos of Luna. Both seem like nice dogs. They are kenneled together. Since they are Rescue Only they cannot be taken out to interact with. Luna is about 50-60 lbs. If she has rescue I can probably take the chow mix."

A CTA ("Commitment to Adopt") was submitted for both dogs - thank you Cheryl!! Jany is working on transport for Luna.

We are waiting for news of Luna's release from the shelter and her transport information for arrival in Phoenix. Please check back.

UPDATE 1/6 FROM JANY: "I visited with Luna today - she is extremely sweet and energetic! She knows how to "sit" but was very excited to walk so I'm not sure if she just isn't leash trained or was just excited to go out for a walk with her little buddy. I did notice when they first brought her out she was shy, but then when they brought out her little chow mix friend, she got really excited. I will spend more time with her tomorrow with a better leash and drive around with her a bit to prepare her for flying on Friday. Attached are some photos of this sweet, beautiful girl. She is already healed from spay, so I ordered a bath for her this coming week at the vet."


The long-awaited waiver has FINALLY been issued for Luna and Destroyer, and the two should be exiting the shelter early in the week. We were given no explanation for the lengthy delay, but in speaking to another rescue group that works with a lot of California shelters, we were told that it had to do with the fact that the dogs killed something. Whether it be a bird or a cat or even a squirrel, they had to be held for a minimum of 14 days until a waiver for their release could be requested. With the holidays (and days closed), it has taken until now for the the powers that be to get moving and issue the release. HURRAY!!!

Luna in her temporary foster home

UPDATE 1/12 FROM JANY: "Gerry, Dyan and Luna are en route! They took off at 8:30 Pacific Time. It was quite an exciting morning! Thank you for taking Luna into your wonderful rescue. She is a very loving and gentle girl. Thank you so much Gerry and Dyan! It was such a pleasure to meet you. Thank you for your kindness and for taking Luna home. What you do is absolutely amazing."

Up early and ready for her flight

How about some playtime before I board?
Takeoff delayed due to early morning fog at Zamperini Field (Torrance Airport)

Gerry, Dyan and Luna

Luna ~ On board and ready for Takeoff       Luna's Take Off


Safe on the ground at Deer Valley Airport

Dyan offers Luna a cup of water in the terminal

Luna has arrived at her temporary home with one of our staff members. She met our little girl, Annie (chihuahua/Jack Russell mix), as well as the two cats, and did not seem to want to chase any of them. She did object when Annie got food and she didn't, but she was happy to have a bone and settled right down.

Luna settles in with a bone ~ Kevin is curious

FROM PILOT GERRY: "We got back to Torrance just as it was starting to get dark - a fairly smooth and uneventful flight, just the way we like it. Luna was a wonderful passenger, sometimes napping, sometimes giving us kisses, and a couple of times sticking her head between us in the front of the plane just to check and make sure we were doing everything right. She'll make for a wonderful pet and we were sorry to see her go. I just wanted to thank the both of you for what you do."

Luna is spayed, up-to-date on shots and will be microchipped prior to adoption. She's the total package; she's a gentle, laid back 2 year old girl who would love the chance to steal your heart.

Adoption fee $395.00.

If you are interested in Luna, please fill out our PROSPECTIVE ADOPTER'S QUESTIONNAIRE. You will be contacted by return email. If you do not receive a response within 24 hours, please Email Nancy at This questionnaire link is only for Luna or other white German Shepherds on our site. WE WILL NOT CONTACT YOU until a questionnaire has been completed.

Please familiarize yourself with our adoption policies by reading ADOPTION BEGINS HERE. THANK YOU.