*LOLITA* IN A NUTSHELL: Large female, some training. Appears housebroken. Very personable. Lots of energy. Good with dogs of all sizes; however, caution will be exercised due to her large size. NO Cats. Age 18 months.
What do you do when you're on your way to the dog park with two of your dogs, and you see this (picture below) sitting in the doorway of a fast food restaurant at a busy intersection in Phoenix?

Well, if you're a dog lover, you take a photo, look around for an owner then text your girlfriend to come and pick this lovely girl up before she runs out into traffic and gets herself hurt, or worse! Veronica, having five dogs of her own, knew how devastated she would be if one of her furbabies were to get lost so she immediately jumped into her vehicle, picked up Lolita and brought her to the vet to scan for a microchip. Sadly, there was none, nor was there any ID on her at all. After the vet's office, Veronica brought Lolita to her office where she wanted to be everyone's friend.

Having five dogs did not deter Veronica from bringing this girl home and introducing her to the home pack consisting of an Old English sheepdog, a Tibetan Terrier, a Papillon mix, a border collie/bearded collie mix and, to round out the family, a black lab/chow mix. Lolita was appropriate with all. Veronica wasted no time in listing Lolita with every found/lost dog resource she could find in an effort to locate Lolita's family or at least lead them to her.

Lolita then discovered the pool and made herself right at home. I think we've got another water dog on our hands!!


A pool party with some new friends

But Veronica knew that Lolita needed a safe place to stay and wait for her family to find her. In stepped Veronica's neighbor, Joe, who had recently suffered the loss of his beloved companion, Truman. Joe wasn't ready for a dog of his own, but he could certainly step up and provide Lolita with a safe haven. And step up he did!

Making herself right at home

Getting lost is exhausting!!

UPDATE 5/15: One of our staff members and a volunteer went over to meet Lolita this afternoon

Tug-of-war with Veronica

Some love from Joe
She's an avid fetcher

Joe reports that he and Lolita go for two, 2-mile runs per day and she's having no problem keeping up with him (or asking to go again)! Our plan is to get Lolita to our vet to ascertain whether or not she is spayed. If not, we'll get her scheduled ASAP to get that taken care of. She will also be microchipped and updated on shots since we have no vaccination history on her.

UPDATE 5/18: We have been notified that Joe is going into the hospital for surgery on Monday, and Lolita will need to be moved this weekend! She has an appointment with the vet tomorrow to verify that she is spayed and to be updated on vaccinations. Please check back for updates or email us if you are interested in adding this lovely girl to your family.

UPDATE 5/19: Our thanks go out to Joe, Lolita's temporary foster dad, who has decided to postpone his surgery so that he can continue to foster Lolita until she is placed into her forever home!

Lolita was seen by the vet today and weighed in at a surprising 69 pounds -- we thought she'd be much heavier. She is spayed, heartworm negative, microchipped and updated on vaccinations. In other words, this girl is ready to go! The vet put her age at about 18 months. She was perfect, happy and friendly during the entire visit, which included a blood draw.

FOSTER UPDATE 5/22: Foster dad Joe reports that Lolita is settling in very well. She had her first experience with a rabbit, and immediately wanted to give chase. On another walk, they ran across a cat, but Lolita didn't seem to know what the creature was and made no move to chase it. She met another one on the wall in her yard and seemed to be running back and forth between the wall and Joe, asking what the creature was!! They have also come across a coyote on their walks; Lolita made no move to give chase. Joe reports that she is calming down on the leash for their daily walks/runs and is not the "pulling husky" she was when he initially took her out. He has also switched from a tug rope to a squeaky ball, and Lolita is in hog heaven! For the first time since Lolita moving in, Joe actually got to sleep in his own bedroom (he had been sleeping on the sofa in the livingroom to keep Lolita company). Lolita didn't mind the change at all and slept soundly all night beside Joe's bed. What a girl!


UPDATE 5/24: Due to circumstances beyond our control, Lolita was moved from her temporary foster home this afternoon. She seems to be taking everything in stride and is a happy girl no matter where she is.

UPDATE 5/26: Lolita was kitty tested today and it's a NO GO for her and sharing her home with a feline.

She knew exactly where the cat was and didn't take her eyes off of her

UPDATE 6/1: Lolita was moved into a new foster home today, complete with a loving mom and dad AND a fur-sibling to play with!


FIRST FOSTER UPDATE 6/2: "She did great. I put her crate in our bedroom next to Hemi's bed. She went right in and slept thru the whole night. Vince gets up earlier than me and let her out and she went out to go to the bathroom and at some point hopped up in my bed and slept a couple more hours cuddled up to me. And Hemi even slept all night in his bed next to Lolita! I ordered a slow feeder for her; she just eats way to fast. LOL But all in all she is doing GREAT!! Today she is a little more relaxed. I think they tired each other out yesterday. Today Lolita is only a little interested in Hemi but really only wants to be with one of us so we can throw a ball or just pet her. Hemi just does his thing. I got the furme vacuum out and she just laid there and let me brush, and now Hemi wants me to brush him more after watching Lolita. It's kinda funny."

Lolita was also "grandchild tested" this afternoon.

Adoption fee $425.00.

If you are interested in Lolita, please fill out our PROSPECTIVE ADOPTER'S QUESTIONNAIRE. You will be contacted by return email. If you do not receive a response within 24 hours, please Email Nancy at This questionnaire link is only for Lolita or other white German Shepherds on our site. WE WILL NOT CONTACT YOU until a questionnaire has been completed.

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