Where to begin Halo's story ... We first heard about him on March 3rd. We were told that his available date was the 6th, and so we asked someone to go and evaluate him at the shelter. When our evaluator arrived at the shelter, we were told that Halo's available date was now the 11th, and he was not available to be seen. Luckily, we found Atworth at the same shelter, and took him home instead!

Our evaluator returned to the shelter on the 11th, but was told that he could not take Halo out of his kennel to evaluate him! He could view him from outside of the kennel, and that was it! Halo had been labeled a "behavior dog" by the shelter staff (he had apparently shown some negative behavior upon intake ~ wouldn't you with a catch pole around your neck), and if he was not reclaimed would either be available to rescue (without a hands-on evaluation) or would be on the euthanasia list on the 12th.

On the 12th we were notified that Halo was, indeed, on the e-list, but that his owner had been found and contacted! However, once the shelter asked that the owner's fence be repaired in order to keep Halo confined (it seems he'd been in the shelter before), the owner refused and simply walked away from him! The following video was sent to us (thanks to Maureen T for sending someone to the shelter to take it), and after viewing it, we agreed that Halo would be coming to White GSD Rescue!

Halo's Shelter Video

Our thanks go out to Tera, who went to the shelter at practically a moment's notice to pick up Halo and transport him to Crossroads, where he will be given time to decompress before transport to Phoenix. According to Tera, there was no aggression (or any bad behavior at all for that matter), during the entire shelter exit and ride to Crossroads.

Halo in his crate on the transport with Tera

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From Joe @ Crossroads: "Hi Nancy!!! Halo arrived and went from the crate right into the run with no problem. He has been very calm. Every time I pass him I say his name and get a slight tail wag. I put the back of my hand on the fence and he gave me a taste/lick. I gave him his dinner and he ate it all. I then got a jerky treat and gave it to him a piece at a time; he was very gentle when taking the treat. At the shelter they let the transporter take video. I guess they brought him to the crate on a leash and he walked right into the crate without incident. Yesterday they wouldn't let me see him and made him out to be a monster. So far all looks good. I keep you updated."

UPDATE FROM CROSSROADS: "Halo is being a very good boy. Came up to Joe this morning to get petted."

UPDATE 4/15: Halo, Breeze and Winter were transported from California today and have taken up temporary residence with one of our staff members.

Halo, Winter & Breeze


Halo is a young, neutered male white German shepherd. He will be seen by our vet this coming week to determine his age and to assess his health. He is microchipped and will be updated on shots as needed. His initial introduction to cats was not good (he growled and barked), so we're saying NO CATS for this boy. He appears to have had no training whatsoever, and so is a beautiful blank slate for some lucky family.

UPDATE 4/20: Halo saw our vet today for his initial exam. He was tolerant of all the handling from the vet and several of the vet techs -- no complaints whatsoever. He was found to have an ear infection in his left ear, which was treated. Otherwise, he was pronounced healthy at 72 pounds and 3 years of age.

Promise not to tell anyone my weight, ok?

Sounds healthy to Doc

After his vet visit, Halo came out to the park with Winter to meet some new friends.

Halo is now current on all shots, neutered, microchipped and ready for forever.

UPDATE 5/4: Halo was rechecked at our vet's office this afternoon and weighed in at a healthy 79 pounds. His ear infection was completely gone and he was pronounced fit and ready to go.

Halo joined the Cinco de Mayo celebration over at Doggie District this afternoon

Adoption fee $385.00.

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