STUNNING 5yo coated (long hair) female out of import lines with lovely temperament

Senior owners unable to provide the exercise, attention, leadership and mental stimulation Greta craves. We would like to find a foster or foster-to-adopt home in which we can prepare her for forever. Greta will likely need to brush up on her socialization and leash work as she rarely gets out and about or walked of late.

She handled well and was friendly with our staff who described her as "a marshmallow". Due to weather challenges, we have not yet tested Greta with dogs unfamiliar to her. She does know her basics, will bond strongly and become your Velcro gal.

Please check back for more info.


Greta was tested recently with 2 dogs in a very busy park with lots of other visiting dogs unfamiliar to her. She was totally appropriate with both our passive and dominant dogs and seemed unconcerned with the presence of other dogs in the park.

We also borrowed a few children, over 5 and under 12 with whom she was perfectly appropriate. It is worth noting that while Greta has not lived with children full time, she was often exposed to her current owner's grand kids while they progressed from toddler on up.

Given that she has not spent much, if any, time in such a stimulating and active environment in the hands of strangers, Greta did great. She did make sure to keep an eye on where her 'Dad" was which is pretty typical, but did not demonstrate any anxiety.

This lovely lady would prefer a home in which she is not left alone for extended periods; her current owner is retired and home most of the time. She seeks a confident handler, preferably with some GSD experience, who will bring out the busy dog we think is hidden within her very calm, easy going and loyal demeanor.

Greta is trustworthy with the run of the house, crate trained, chipped, current with vaccinations, negative for heart worm and healthy. We don't have her weight but she's on the small side.

We are still seeking a foster or foster-to-adopt situation.

If you are interested in fostering Greta, please read about OUR FOSTER PROGRAM and submit a Foster Application (found on the Foster Program page).

Adoption fee $325.00.

OUR ADOPTION PROCESS BEGINS WITH A PHONE CHAT; there are no applications or forms to complete. Please call SW GSD Rescue at 602-866-2880 between 11am and 8pm Monday thru Saturday. In the event we miss your call, please leave a VM with the best time to return it. Thanks!