Falcor was a surprise addition to our rescue pack. Our facebook friend, Kathy J, found him and brought him to our attention. We certainly didn't need any more boys, so we said we'd wait and see if he ran into trouble before committing to take him. But, when we found out that Falcor had been at the shelter since June 3rd, waiting for his owners to come for him (they hadn't), we knew his time was limited.

Eval from the shelter: "Falcor! Such a good boy! He is sweet and affectionate! Does well with other dogs! Loves people! Can spend hours giving kisses or romping around just being Falcor! Hes easy going and listens well! He likes to cuddle despite his size! I could go on forever... just go ahead and meet him yourself... you will fall in love!"

Falcor Shelter Video

By sheer coincidence, we got a call from a fellow rescue group that told us that they had a volunteer at the shelter where Falcor was and were willing to bail him out for us. After seeing his video, we had to say yes. Falcor was quickly picked up and transported to a boarding facility where he will remain until transport can be arranged.


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Falcor is approximately 2 years old, neutered, up-to-date on shots and will be microchipped upon arrival. He loves people and other dogs (as evidenced by his shelter video).

UPDATE 6/25: Our thanks go out to Megan, who picked up Falcor at Oasis in Palmdale this afternoon and transported him to Crossroads in anticipation of his transport to Phoenix on Saturday. According to Megan, "Someone will be very lucky!"


UPDATE 6/30: Falcor has arrived in Phoenix:

Good to be out of the car

A new collar

In reading over Falcor's medical records provided by the shelter, it appears he came into the shelter with multiple bite wounds on his legs and one on the left side of his face. Thankfully, this shelter not only went the extra mile to provide care for Falcor, they referred him to an outside vet who cleaned, sutured and bandaged the wounds. The shelter provided aftercare and antibiotics for Falcor until he was rescued. At that time, Falcor still had a bandage and sutures in the toe of his left hind foot, but those were cared for and removed at Oasis, where Falcor was safely kept until being transferred to Crossroads and ultimately into our hands. At this time, all of Falcor's injuries have healed beautifully and he shows no signs of injury or limping. He will be seeing our vet for his intake exam shortly.

UPDATE 7/10: Falcor saw our vet today for a thorough exam and was pronounced fully healed and healthy.

84 pounds

Such an easy patient

Garrett is smitten

UPDATE 7/20: Falcor headed off to Tucson today with prior adopters Karen and Doug. Everyone is hopeful that this will be a permanent arrangement, especially Falcor.

Adoption fee $395.00.

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