We received a message on Facebook and then an email from Lesley of Abbey’s LTS Rescuers about needing help for this pair. Accordingly to Lesley, there were originally SIX dogs on the property; four of which (2 month old pups) had already been placed, but the remaining two were still in need.

According to Lesley: "Meeko is the male. He is 8 months old. Coraline is the female. She is a year old. Both are dog and kid friendly but do need structure and proper introduction.


They were surrendered to our volunteer rescuer group from owners who kept them outside and failed to provide for them. The owner was trying to sell 'for free' on social media and when one of our rescuers inquired about the dogs, they asked no questions about us and said we could take all of them. There were 6! We have already found homes and a foster for the four two month olds that were also siblings of Meeko and Coraline.

They are very sweet dogs and with proper training and structure they’ll surely be an amazing addition to any home.

Right now they are with a temp volunteer foster who is unable to hold them much longer as she has a dog that is not dog friendly. We do have a boarding facility on standby and ready to take and hold Meeko and Coraline while transportation to a committed rescue is arranged. We have group members who can help arrange transport as well.

The only history we know is that they have only been with the previous owner. It was a bad situation of neglect so they are shy and require structure. Since being with our temp foster, they have started to blossom!!! ..."

Within 24 hours, the dogs' situation had changed. They needed to be out of their current foster home and have a rescue commitment in order to go into temporary boarding in El Paso. We had agreed to be "Plan B" if no other rescue stepped up for Meeko and Coraline, but the pair just ran out of time and we immediately became Plan A.

Our thanks go out to Lesley and her group of people who have gone the extra mile for this pair, as well as the other four pups that were removed from the property. It's a pleasure to work with a group that is as dedicated to the welfare of the animals as we are.

We have agreed to step aside if our fellow rescue, Sno-Capped GSD Rescue in Colorado, has room to take the pups. In the meantime, Lesley has agreed to keep us posted on the dogs' progress and will let us know when they are ready for transport.

UPDATE 7/31: We had asked for pictures, and Lesley came through today with additional pics of the furkids.


Meeko is on the left in each picture

The pair will be assessed once they arrive. In all probability, they will be separated, which in reality is better for each of them. If they are co-dependent on each other, once on their own, they will need to seek out human interaction, love and companionship, which is exactly what we want! We also know it's not easy for a household to take on TWO young puppies at the same time, which reduces the changes of them being adopted and going into loving homes.


  • Coraline: Coraline had her surgery yesterday and it went well. They did say she has bad hips for her age but that she should improve with proper diet and exercise. They also performed a heartworm test and it came back negative! The lady who’s holding Coraline at her boarding facility has raised and trained GSDs all her life here and in Germany. She has fallen in love with Coraline and has shown interest in adopting her from your rescue or would reimburse us for her vet expenses thus far. She would be a suitable adopter as Coraline is in the perfect environment right now for her. She has shown trust in Melina when in others she has not. She’s so under socialized and scared of everything, she runs away and hides from everyone except for Melina. According to the boarding facility, Coraline also feeds off of Meeko’s energy which gets her even more scared and confused which would prolong her rehabilitation and training. Of course we want to run the possibility of Melina adopting her by you first to hear your thoughts and feelings.
  • Meeko: Meeko’s neuter is schedule for Wednesday, August 15th. We will also have his hw test performed that day as well! He does excellent without Coraline and shows massive adoption potential! He’s a friendly, outgoing boy!

We, of course, gave the green light for Coraline to be adopted where she is. We should be seeing Meeko some time around the end of August.

UPDATE 8/21: We have received confirmation from El Paso that Meeko will be joining us here in Phoenix on Thursday (8/23)! Due to the lack of an available foster home, Meeko will be taking up residence at Doggie District while we begin the search for his forever home.

UPDATE 8/23: From Diane our transporter, "We are on the road with Meeko...he is super sweet and with a bath will be very pretty. He is a nice dog! You will like this guy...he is very sweet. He needs a bath and brushing very badly...but what a neat dog! He wants to please and sticks close to whoever has him."

Thanks to Diane, who was traveling with her horse from El Paso today ...

... Meeko was delivered safely to Scottsdale and picked up by one of our staff members

Kelly put out the welcome mat at Doggie District

Meeko is ready to play and make some new friends

UPDATE 10/22: We had Meeko at the vet today for his "pre-adoption" checkup. We had noticed a slight "hitch in his git-along" and so we had requested xrays of his hips.

Meeko's xray

Normal xray

Meeko has dysplasia in his hip joints, meaning the rounded (top) part of his leg bone does not fit snugly into the "cup" in the pelvis bone, as it is supposed to. As a youngster (now), he is not really affected by this, other than to have a different gait. As he gets older, he should be kept lean and well muscled and will probably require dietary supplements to support his hips. Adequan shots (which we have had great success with) may also be helpful to Meeko in later life. For now, he can continue to live and enjoy his life but will never be a marathon runner or long-distance hiker.

UPDATE 10/25: In a strange turn of events, we were contacted by the same Texas shelter that had sent Meeko to us. They were now looking for rescue for Meeko's father. Apparently the owner, who had surrendered Meeko and several other pups from the same litter, had decided that he no longer wanted Meeko's father. He had told the shelter he had rehomed Meeko's father even before the shelter took possession of the puppies, but apparently that wasn't the truth.

We had been guessing Meeko's breed mix to be (white) German shepherd and Golden retriever and now, seeing Meeko's dad, we're sure of it:

Meeko's dad

Adoption fee is a freewill donation to our rescue.

If you are interested in Meeko or Coraline, please fill out our PROSPECTIVE ADOPTER'S QUESTIONNAIRE. You will be contacted by return email. If you do not receive a response within 24 hours, please Email Nancy at This questionnaire link is only for Meeko &/or Coraline or other white German Shepherds on our site. WE WILL NOT CONTACT YOU until a questionnaire has been completed.

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