Captain is a Charlotte puppy, a shepherd/lab mix, born into our rescue (along with his 3 brothers & sister) on November 29, 2016.


The puppies, along with their mom, were lovingly raised and cared for by our experienced puppy raising friends, Jim & Terri, and when they were about 11-12 weeks old, were all placed into foster-to-adopt homes, including Captain.

We didn't hear much from Captain's foster family over the next several months, which is always good news as far as we're concerned. In late May, we received an update photo, along with the news that "Captain got a bath!":

Captain was neutered on schedule in June 2017, and formally adopted by his foster family.

UPDATE 10/11/2017: We received an email from Captain's family stating that "from the beginning," Captain had been much too rough with their shih tzu and that their efforts to properly bring the two together had failed. Because Captain was only getting bigger and playing with their shih tzu was not working out at all, they felt they had no choice but to ask us to rehome Captain.

Captain is now 10-1/2 months old. He is a typical, rough and tumble puppy who just wants to play and have fun. He's housebroken, crate trained and good with older kids -- he may have too much energy for younger ones. We don't know if the family's shih tzu is the only dog Captain has been exposed to since leaving his brothers and sister, but we DO know that in his litter, Captain was every bit the typical puppy, playing and roughhousing with his littermates, but there was no aggression in him at all. When he moved in with the shih tzu, we're guessing that Captain wanted to continue his typical puppy playing, but with the much smaller dog being unable to keep up with him.

Captain is now waiting for the right family. The hard work (getting a dog through the puppy stage) has been done! He's ready to steal your heart and move on with his life.

UPDATE 10/21: Captain Jack was returned to our rescue this afternoon, and the wild, totally unsocialized "bucking bronco" that walked onto the field at the park in no way resembled the sweet, happy socialized puppy we had placed just a few short months ago.

Captain Jack's former "parents," Jim and Terri (who fostered Captain's mom, Charlotte, through her pregnancy and delivery and raised the puppies for the first 3 months of their lives), were on hand to welcome Captain. At first, he was so terrified Captain didn't recognize them, but once Jim took the lead and walked with him, Captain's memory returned. Dog aggressive? Not that we saw. What he was, was SCARED TO DEATH of anyone and everything outside of his very small world. It's our guess that "socialization" was not a word that was known or practiced in Captain's family, and we set out to change that right away.

Captain (center) walks happily across the field with new training partner, Di, flanked by Jim with Megan to the left, and Terri with Coco on the right

Jim and Terri are happy to see Captain again

Heeling in class with Di

The infamous "flooding circle" was not a problem for Captain

Even this close didn't bother Captain

After class, Captain was happy to meet Kya and her family

Under Di's experienced hand, within an hour and a half, Captain was sitting in a circle with a mom and two kids, and kissing their female rottweiler on the nose!! Captain is now safely tucked away at the home of one of our staff members and is sharing his foster home with Coco and Megan. He will be spending the next few weeks regrouping and regaining his confidence and the sweet personality we all knew and loved. Our Captain is still in there, and we're determined to bring him out.

UPDATE 10/23: Captain is showing improvement already! He is in a foster home with 2 other puppies, and they love to play! At first, Captain would avoid them and show his teeth and bark (but NEVER advance or follow up his threat in any way) whenever they came near him to try and engage him in play -- a 10 month old puppy that doesn't want to play? Raises quite a few red flags about Captain's life before being returned to us. But now, after 2 days with Coco and Megan, Captain is becoming part of their mini-pack. He's not quite ready to engage in play with them, but he no longer avoids them and is right in the middle of the pack for attention. The girls are quite pushy when it comes to food and attention, which does still overwhelm Captain at times, but he is slowly learning that he CAN be a puppy and play, and there will be no negative concequences for him. We're guessing that, by the end of the week, Captain will be right in the middle of the fray when it comes to playtime.

UPDATE 10/24: It's puppy time at White German Shepherd Rescue! Captain (blue collar center), Megan (red collar left) and Coco 1 (black collar right).


UPDATE 10/27: Today we added Coco 2 to the "herd."

It's a puppy charge with Captain in the lead!

UPDATE 10/28: After a successful meeting in the park last Saturday, today we placed Captain into a new foster home. The kids were no problem at all for our little boy, and neither was mom. Dad was another story, unless he was sitting down -- very telling about the adult male in his last home. Kya (the rottie) was a little overwhelming for Captain at first, but within 20 minutes, HE was initiating play and chasing her all around the yard! Dog aggressive? We don't think so!!

The family put out the welcome mat for Captain

I'm not sure what these kids are up to, but I'm keeping my eye on them

I love my new dad

It's treats all around from mom

Our hopes are high that this will become a permanent arrangement for Captain. He was deliriously happy when we left him, and we doubt he even noticed as we made our way through the house to the front door. We salute you, Captain, and hope for the best for you with your new family.

FOSTER UPDATE 11/2: "Captain has been doing great. He is getting a lot better with off and not jumping up. He and Kya are having tons of fun. We had a few potty accidents in the house, but we attribute those to a puppy in a new house. Same as some extra barking here and there... but he is living up to his smart reputation and learning very fast. We have been working on his eating... he was scarfing it down and he has already slowed down. He even warmed up to a male visitor. The outlook is very good. I have included some photots but they hardly stop moving. Thank you."


Adoption fee $275.00.

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