Bolt was found as a stray and taken in by his Good Samaritan collar, no chip and intact, thus finding an owner unlikely.

That generous family has 4 dogs of their own as well as a house full of children in various age ranges, so we would like to find Bolt a foster home ASAP. He has had his preliminary evaluation, however, we'll need another meeting with him so that we may test him in closer proximity to strange dogs and get a better look at his teeth.

We have tentatively placed his age at between 7-8 years, subject to change. Bolt was friendly and accepting of strangers yet very distracted at the park; either he was excited to be in an environment unfamiliar to him or he was keeping an eye out for people he knows, regardless, his energy level was typical of a younger male.


His one ear is folded due to a previous hematoma, the origin of which we will never know, still a handsome fellow. He pretty much let us check him out aside from getting a look in his mouth..he simply made his head unavailable for that inspection.

He was in motion most of the time so getting good photos was a challenge; he clearly knew "sit" but that was about it. It doesn't appear that he's had much, if any, leash work and might very well have been given freedom on open land.

When a strange dog was being walked nearby he just ignored it, but when walked alongside of a large male test dog he expressed considerable interest. We were not comfortable with only one staff member to handle both dogs so we will revisit introductions.


Sweet Bolt was very gentle taking food and appreciates affection. Once he's in our foster care, we will learn much more about him. For now, a foster home is priority one.

If you are interested in fostering Bolt, please read about OUR FOSTER PROGRAM and submit a Foster Application (found on the Foster Program page).

Adoption fee to be determined.